How to play Poker?

Nowadays Poker is very popular game and if you know how to play in it you will be respected by people and your brains will work better. So let’s get started.

But first of all, I want you to know about the ancient origin of Poker. So, historians tell that card games occurred from Chinese dominos, which were invented in the 9th century. Four centuries later the cards were popular in Egypt and Persia. Here we will stop for a while. Persians played in the card game, which included 96 cards from ivory or wood. That game was called “As Nas” and the main rule was bluffing. Meanwhile, in Spain was creating the same game, but it called “Primero”. People consider that As Nas and Primero are mothers of modern Poker, so you should memorize this fact.


Before playing you must learn the combinations, because during the game you will not be able to ask: “is it Flush Royal?” from people, and the reason is that it is serious game in which the only person you believe is you.

Structure of Game

Game starts from left to ride. Firstly, the dealer give two cards to each player and consent bets. Than the round starts and players have three options: to support the bets, to  give all what he has, to refuse from playing and to not give anything. After the end of the round the dealer put three cards with which you need to make the best combination. In this time the main thing – is not to show your emotions, especially if you feel upset and don’t have any combinations, because it’s Poker! This game is built not only on luck, as you think. 79% of victory depends on your psychological skills and ability to bluff, so think about it. So, when you see the cards with which you can make combinations you ought to decide will you play during the next round and depending on this aspect bluff and lie, or calm refuse from the game.

Continue playing this way, practice and maybe with time you will win one billion dollars, who knows?